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Monday, 13 March 2017 | 00:09 | 0 comments

Hey, uhm I can't sleep right now so I think I wanna write an entries you know, to get rid of my boring or something... so yah 

For your information, I've tried practise my essay and speaking with fluently because you know, people nowadays are spoken in english to make sure they dignity/level was high as KLCC or something that they didn't know what they did for

As mine, I like to put a smile on my parent's face everyday yeah I WOULD. I like to talk to my mom like this "peanut free-peanut butter" to see the smile from her face. act the words is from Bad Moms movie (damn u movie)  but my mom isn't a bad mom, she was a pretty GOOD mom ok! 

I think that my story was trapped with some imagination T.T act im very sleep right now. I like to sleep, im sleepyhead I admit it! but to fill my boring, I'll use my time wisely to create this entry oh god

Its about 12 a.m in malaysia right now and its monday (OH MONDAY BLUES). I can't wait Lazada! my shoes woww yay I can't I can't. I need to sleep. yah absolutely oh wait wait some people asked me about how can I talk and type like american people, here is the answer... I've watched a lot of movies with english subtitles.. and at the same time I google the words and I translated it to know the meaning. like the other teachers said; practise makes perfect. im not perfect yet but im a limited like worth it 

Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah, good night x 

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